About TXV

Based in Austin and San Francisco, TXV was established with the conviction that what makes us different in the world of VC firms will also make us successful. As a group, we are diverse in almost every way – age, experience, background. We believe that our background and values equip us to provide the best service in the industry to our investors and the companies we support.

We are dedicated to our core values of integrity, humility and accountability. We strive to live these values both personally and professionally.


Clubhouse Investment Club

The story of TXV begins with The Clubhouse Investment Club (CIC). Founding Partner Marcus Stroud was recruited by MLB Legend Torii Hunter to take over the Clubhouse, a vehicle designed to provide athletes with opportunities to invest alongside top-tier firms instead of ill-conceived, poorly-executed investments – the number one cause of athlete bankruptcy. As the son of an NFL player who lived out this unfortunate narrative, Marcus’ story was closely aligned to the mission of the CIC.

Out of that experience, we established a new fund in order to allocate meaningful capital to the most promising entrepreneurs, to capitalize on opportunities outside of the Clubhouse’s strategy, and to more actively support entrepreneurs with purpose-driven missions.

Our passion for innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership led us to where we are today.

Texas & San Francisco

Early on, TXV made the strategic decision to be rooted in two cities – one an established technology hub and the other an emerging one.

San Francisco

San Francisco is undoubtedly the largest and most important technology hub in the United States today. The innovation and technical expertise in Silicon Valley is unsurpassed. However, we also recognize that, burdened by the ever-increasing costs of living and doing business in the area, entrepreneurs have begun – and will continue – to move elsewhere.


Texas ranks fourth as a state for investment in this asset class, and we contend that it is poised to gain significant investment share from California, New York, and Massachusetts. Texas serves as an ideal alternative to the high tax regimes, inflated asset valuations, and severe living costs of these three states, making it a strategic location for one of our headquarters.


Austin, in particular, is uniquely positioned to become the country’s next startup capital, with its high research activity, large pools of technical talent, and a creative, opportunity-driven business ethos. With the world’s tenth largest economy, larger than South Korea and Canada, we believe that Texas’ continued economic and population expansion will be an engine for growth in this asset class and a generator of outsized returns for investors.

As our entrepreneurs will tell you, we are
as friendly as Texas, and every founder we invest in gets a pair of boots when they become a part of TXV.

Our Team

Our team has a strong understanding of past and present trends within the field of technology, and is actively working to support a wider, more diverse base of young entrepreneurs and promising innovators for the future.

Marcus Stroud Photo

Marcus Stroud

Founding Partner

Marcus is a Founding Partner at TXV He focuses on all aspects of the firm, including fundraising, sourcing, and conducting due diligence on investments, particularly in health and wellness. He previously worked for Clubhouse Investment Club and Vida Capital. Marcus is a graduate of Princeton.

John Boaz Photo

John Boaz


Brandon Allen Photo

Brandon Allen

Founding Partner

Brandon is a Founding Partner at TXV. He focuses on all aspects of the firm, including fundraising, strategic communications, and conducting due diligence on investments, particularly in consumer products. He previously worked in strategy consulting and strategic due diligence at Chartic and Stax. Brandon is a graduate of Princeton.

Jake Berman Photo

Jake Berman


Jake is a partner at TXV. He leads TXV’s various sourcing strategies, fundraising and portfolio management. He previously worked at Innoventure Partners, where he served as Vice President, investing in companies such as Palantir Technologies, Nikola Motor Company, and Trax Imaging Technologies. He is a graduate of Davidson.

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Marcus Stroud, Founder

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